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Proposal for the ‘Winter Stations’ Installation Competition
Toronto, Ontario, 2018

What distinguishes migration from other types of human movement is its cyclical nature: groups travel from place to place to earn a living for themselves or their families, and return home to rest, or continue on to find more work.

While these journeys can be arduous and the work brutal, the process is one of optimism and love, with the belief that the time spent and wages earned will ultimately elevate the migrant and their families.

The Vessel, then, is an apparatus that aids them in this journey. One enters through a low opening on the north side, and as they ascend from the beach to the top, they are afforded framed views down the beach (where the journey began), out across the water (to monitor the tides), up the beach (where the journey is going) and to the sky (to navigate via the sun and stars).