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Bed Stuy Triplex

Brooklyn, New York, 2022

(Rear Facade)

Leading our concept for this project was the client's desire to turn her home into a private oasis within a busy Brooklyn Neighborhood.


On the parlor level, we opened the kitchen into the dining room, renovated the kitchen, and completely rebuilt its envelope, allowing for better insulation and larger windows.

(Living Room & Kitchen)

(Primary Bedroom)

On the garden level, we renovated the primary bath, added a guest bath, and designed a terrace opening from the primary bedroom to the backyard.

(Primary Bathroom)

(Garden Level Terrace)


In the cellar, we extended the space both vertically (2'-0") and horizontally (6'-0").

We enclosed the extended area with a glass block, and added a spiral stair for access to the backyard and garden level terrace.

(Proposed Plan)

The result is a flowing continuum of space in which one can live, work, and entertain in comfort and privacy.

(Existing Plan)