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Mountain Road House

Addition / Renovation
New City, New York, 2022

(Southwest Oblique)

While our clients were in love with the look and feel of their log-and-stone home, originally designed by Henry Varnum Poor, they found it cramped, dated, and marred by a haphazard mid-century bedroom addition.

(East Facade)

We proposed two additions, one over an existing solarium, and the other in place of the previous addition.

(South Facade)

These extensions both continue the existing architecture and distinguish themselves as something unique.


The additions are clad in field stone at their base, and shou sugi ban wood board-and-batten on the second floor.


The rear addition contains an extended kitchen on the first floor and the primary bath and closets on the second floor.


The kitchen is composed in the style of a contemprary farmhouse.

(Primary Bath)

The primary bath is a blend of classing and contemporary, with rich green tiles, chandelier, soaking tub, and sauna.

(Primary Bath)

The front addition houses a guest bedroom on the first floor and an office and jewelry studio on the second floor.

(Proposed Plans)

(Existing Plans)