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Bow Tie House

New Construction
Denton, North Carolina

(South Facade)

Overlooking a 100-acre farm in rural North Carolina, this structure acts as both a large public lodge, as well as an intimate cabin, for the owner and their guests. The public space conforms to a 9-square grid organization, with a kitchen and hearth at its center, and various social and recreational spaces around the perimeter. Radiating from this core are four cabins, each with a large sleeping and lounge area, an intimate work & dining area, and a generous bath.  

(Shaded South Porch)


(Cabin Baths)

(Lodge - North Porch)

(Lodge - Dining Hall Looking South)

(Lodge - Dining Hall Looking East)

(Lodge - Dining Hall Looking North)

(Lodge - Game Room)

(Lodge - Hearth)

(Lodge - Parlor)

(Lodge - Kitchen)

(Lodge - Kitchen)

(Cabin - Sleeping Area)

(Cabin - Sleeping Area)

(Cabin - Entry & Dining Area)

(Cabin - Work Space)

(Cabin - Bath)

(Cabin - Bath)

(Exploded Isometric)

(Floor Plan)